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Kat Hesse - Medical Herbalist and Somatic Practitioner


How does herbal medicine fit in?

The body has many ways to self regulate and maintain health and wellbeing: a healthy immune system can respond to many viral and bacterial threats, a healthy respiratory system can adjust its breathing rate to the oxygen needs of the body, a healthy gastro-intestinal system will ensure an intake of necessary nutrients whilst at the same time excreeting anything the body doesn't need - even in times when our diet is less than ideal - a healthy endocrine system will ensure that our hormones are balanced, and so on and on. This rhythmic adjustment is called homeodynamics - the way the body maintains a stable environment for its cells and tissues. This system is usually resilient and able to respond to many potential "health threats" over short periods of time. Where any problems persist over long periods and become chronic, this natural system can sometimes become imbalanced. Herbal Medicine can be part of an overall therapeutic approach to support the body's natural functions and help to return the body back to a state of balanced health.

I am a fully qualified herbalist (BSc Herbal Medicine, Westminster University, London). To book an appointment in Suffolk or South London contact me by email or phone. As a holistic practitioner, I generally combine herbal consultations with a somatic session. This will include some type of bodywork, such as movement, breath, postural work, meditation or other as well as guidance on the body system you feel is out of balance with advice on lifestyle, diet and exercise, depending on your personal condition.

There a many ways to achieve a healthy balance and herbal medicine can be part of an overall therapeutic approach which may also include other healthcare practitioners.  








Contact Rhythmoflife on 01728 638 604 Or email info@rhythmoflife.org.uk

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