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Katharina (Kat) Hesse

Movement Coach (Somatics, Yoga, Pilates) and Medical Herbalist

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As a Yoga and Pilates teacher Kat is known for her light-hearted, creative teaching style that deepens our understanding of our own bodies, releases tension and creates freedom of movement. Her work is based on the idea that there is no right or wrong position, posture or movement but that posture and movement need to be appropriate for specific times, places and circumstances. Her classes therefore have different themes within which movement is explored. Imagery, sensation and somatic education are an integral part of her teaching. Movements are flowing and, where possible, integrate the whole body, not just one particular part.

Her Somatic Pilates Flow classes incorporate elements from various somatic movement therapies: myofascial release, Yoga, Body Mind Centering and others, such as Feldenkrais, Chi Gong and Continuum.

Her Yoga classes are creative Yoga vinyasas. They focus on building strength and balance, improve fluidity, increasing joint mobility and gently releasing tightness and tension. Most of all, they are joyfully celebrating who we are.

Kat focuses on "somatic" work in her Pilates and Yoga classes. Somatic means "insights revealed through the body" - insights that allow us to understand our own bodies and guide us like a map. Understanding the body can help us change - help to release painful movement habits, improve movement quality, support healthy and creative movement in everyday life and find again the joy of moving.

"Core" muscle strength will be addressed too. Instead of just training one-dimensional core strength which does not improve functional movement patterns and can potentially increase tension, Kat focuses on improving functional core stability, biomechanics and motorcontrol all of which help to support postural changes and improve movement in both her Pilates and Yoga classes.

Kat works with a wide client group including professionals, seniors, mothers, artists and those recovering from surgery, with chronic illnesses, pain or movement restrictions. She enjoys meeting and working with new people and themes tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients and groups.

She runs weekly classes, one-on-ones, workshops, CPD courses for teacher and is available for booking for special events and retreats.

Qualifications: MA, BSc (Hons)(Health Science), BA (Hons)(Drama), PGCE, qualified Pilates teacher by the Pilates Foundation®, Level 4 British Wheel of Yoga Diploma, Level 4 Exercise for the Management of Low Back Pain, Relax and Renew Yoga, Somatic Movement Educator with Body Mind Centering.

Contact Rhythmoflife on 01728 638 604 Or email info@rhythmoflife.org.uk

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