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What they say about Kat's classes ...

“As a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor it's always nice to link with other local instructors to share ideas. Not only has Kat's vast experience in exercise been a refreshing change from a conventional approach to Pilates, but her infectious, wacky personality inspires all participants to feel more in tune with movement, relieve tension and improve postural awareness (as well as often forget inhibition!).

It is obvious that Pilates and movement therapy is her passion and the dedication to keep learning and researching makes each class educational but most importantly FUN!

A massive thank you Kat” (L.S., Suffolk)

“A few years ago I injured my back – and after this it continued to be a recurring problem. I consulted my G.P and discovered I had wear and tear at the base of my spine, a common finding in late middle age. I was a G.P. myself until I retired and have seen countless people with this same problem. Concerned that this back problem would start to dominate my life, I consulted a physio who recommended I try Pilates. I joined Kat’s class over a year ago. Kat was helpful from the start, with plenty of advice and support in overcoming my fear of aggravating the problem. My back is heaps better, I am more mobile, stronger and more confident–I hadn’t realised just how stiff and fearful I had become –pain does things to your brain !!! But above all the classes are fun, fun, fun!!” (M.W., former G.P., Suffolk)

“I can strongly recommend both Kat and this bespoke class to anybody who has been through the Breast Cancer journey.

Kat’s knowledge of the issues which we face – scar tissue, damaged shoulders - is extensive. She has taken our individual experiences and built the exercises to incorporate other more personal factors. She has also kept the classes small in order to give each of us individual attention when needed – she never leaves you feeling isolated when you are not able to do a particular exercise.  Her sense of humour is an added bonus and the class is not only physically beneficial but we laugh most of our way through the sessions.

For me personally the biggest benefit has been the easing of my shoulder/ neck issues following my surgery - these are often made worse by everyday life – working at a PC and general tensions.

Not having to worry about the fact that I am different  (mastectomy 5 years ago and living with a prosthetic) – I have tried other classes and was always very conscious of having a prosthetic – knowing that everybody else is in the same boat enables me to relax and  enjoy the class to the full.” (E.P., Suffolk)

“Kat is an experienced Pilates teacher. As an ex-Yoga teacher myself I appreciate her professional approach. She combines her Pilates with other techniques such as Yoga and Feldenkrais which gives it an unique style that works beautifully.

I joined her class after a hip-replacement and I found that with her knowledge of body- awareness and her guidance I soon gained the strength and flexibility that I had lost. I am very grateful.” (S.L., retired Yoga teacher, Suffolk)

“Katharina (Kat) is a fantastic, inclusive and very knowledgeable tutor. She shows great interest in each person in our class, asking the right questions and carefully adapting moves so each of the women in our breast cancer support group can participate fully. Kat is so skilled, so clear in her instruction and so funny that she consistently makes me look forward to those classes!” (H.O., Ipswich)

“Kat’s class has certainly helped me with my lymphoedema and freeing up the scar tissue after my operation. I always feel so much better after Kat’s class. Physically and emotionally it is a great help to me. The best thing I have done since the diagnosis and everything that came afterwards.” (T.R., Woodbridge)

“Kat has a wealth of movement and teaching experience. Her passion for facilitating easy movement to her clients brings with it an insatiable appetite for exploring different approaches. Her unique classes are always well planned, effective and so much fun! She is skilled at cueing, using imagery and hands on correction when needed.

By the end of class I always feel energized and entertained! Thanks Kat.”
(J.E., physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, Suffolk)

“...an instructor who is very knowledgeable and great fun.  She makes every class so enjoyable that you don't realise you have worked hard.” (J.P., Suffolk)

What they say about Kat’s Workshops and Teacher Trainings:

“...by far and away the most interesting & relevant workshop I have attended in a long time” (CPD training for the Pilates Foundation, London)

“...lots of interesting exercises for clients with lymphoedema & post breast cancer surgery” (CPD training on breast cancer, London)

“...great presentation & content. Really thorough coverage, pitched at exactly the right level. Perfect combination of theory & practical.” (CPD training, London)

“Kat’s course has given me the confidence to work the way that I have always wanted to work and never dared to!” (CPD training, London)

“I love the gentle stretches and flowing movement. It will help me to get active relaxation and my lymph drainage after hard work and long days” (Breath-and-Flow-Pilates training, London)


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